Experience the Difference in Discovery

Coalition Court Reporters (CCR) is a full-service court and deposition reporting agency, proudly taking law firms from discovery to verdict throughout California and nationwide.

The Convenience of a Full Service Agency.
We know how stressful litigation can be for everyone involved. We take pride in being able to make the process easier for you by providing reporter consistency and proactive, personalized services that exceed your high expectations.

Coalition provides the full spectrum of agency services including:

  1. Deposition Reporters
  2. Courtroom Reporters
  3. Videographers
  4. Interpreters
  5. Conference Rooms
  6. Condensed Transcripts
  7. E-Transcripts
  8. Last-Minute Coverage
  9. Online Document Repository
  10. Realtime Services
  11. Rough ASCII/PDF Files


Reporting Your Case ‘From Discovery to Verdict’ Makes All the Difference..
We offer the largest roster of former LASC official reporters equipped with knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the courtroom. We’re familiar with the judges, attorneys, and courtroom staff. Coalition can provide you with the convenience of working with a single, high quality, friendly, and professional reporter from the start of your matter to its finish. Having one single reporter throughout the case eliminates the learning curve associated with bringing a new reporter into the process later on.


The Best of the Best
Coalition currently serves over 1,900 California law firms and has written the official record of more than 19,000 matters. Coalition reporters and staff are intimately knowledgeable about the judicial process, which equips us with the information of what to do in order to help make your litigation run as smoothly as possible.

Coalition has some of the finest reporters you can hire. Through hard work, experience, and fierce dedication to their craft, Coalition reporters write both court and deposition matters. Our reporters have been fire-tested in civil, criminal and/or federal courts, earning them the advanced skills required to report the record. Our reporters’ experience and professionalism translate into superior depositions and higher quality records for your firm and your clients.


Below are just a few examples of how CCR goes the extra mile to help our client’s cases run smoothly:

  1. Prepare Order Appointing Court-Approved Reporter forms in advance
  2. Advise on courtroom preferences with booking confirmation
  3. Match reporter’s skillset with the courtroom
  4. Advise on appeal transcript options upon request


Leveraging Technology to Win Your Case!
We all know that the attorney wins the case – but a great court reporter can help by providing quick transcript turnaround, realtime, and/or draft copies. Cutting-edge applications and cost-effective resources aid in the trial preparation process and enable attorneys to improve presentation, archival, and retrieval of the official record and exhibits. Most importantly, a highly-qualified deposition reporter ensures that all the time, effort, and strategy put into preparing a case during discovery is protected and easily available for trial. Coalition is committed to ensuring that clients benefit from technology advances to create excellent results.

Experience the Difference in Discovery.

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