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Exceptional Court Reporting

Coalition has the finest reporters you can hire. Through hard work, experience and fierce dedication to their craft, Coalition reporters write both court and deposition matters. Our reporters have been fire-tested in civil, criminal and/or federal courts, earning them the advanced skills required to report the record. We have the highest percentage of certified real-time reporters and merit writers in California. Our reporters’ experience and professionalism translate into higher quality records for your firm and your clients. Schedule now.

Courtroom Proceedings

We offer the largest roster of court-approved, former LASC official reporters equipped with knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the courtroom. There is no stipulation necessary with a court-approved reporter. Additionally, our reporters will provide the necessary paperwork to be filed. Schedule now.


Our court reporters are experienced in both deposition and courtroom reporting, meaning you can work with one single court reporter who will be familiar with the details of your case and eliminate the learning curve associated with bringing a new reporter into the process later on. Schedule now.

24-hour Scheduling

We’re prepared to jump through hoops to get you the coverage you need! You can count on Coalition to find a reporter for your case and turn your stress-level down a notch or two.

Conference Rooms

Need a place to conduct your deposition or have a meeting? Our wide professional network makes it easy for us to provide you with a conference room.

Transcription Services

Do you have an audio file that needs to be transcribed? Let one of our experienced court reporters convert that audio to a certified transcript.

Document Repository

Our production team is ready to create what you need, how you need it. Transcripts and exhibits are provided electronically on CD and via email. You can also Access transcripts 24 hours a day from a secured online document repository. Contact us for more information.

Coalition Court Reporters

We know how stressful litigation can be for everyone involved. We take pride in being able to make the process easier for you by providing reporter consistency and proactive, personalized services that exceed your high expectations. .

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