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Effective August 25, 2014, Departments C6, C10, C12, C13, C14, C15, C17, C18, C21, C25, C23, C26, C31, and C32 will be participating in a Court Reporter Pooling Pilot Project. Official court reporters (i.e. court reporters employed by the Court) in those departments will be provided only for trials and other matters in which oral evidence will be presented. Official court reporters will continue to be provided for all hearings in the remaining unlimited civil departments, including civil complex departments. More info>>


CCROLA’s court reporters are on the court-approved list published on the LASC website.


CCROLA is a full-service court reporting agency specializing in courtroom proceedings and depositions. Our services can take you from “From Discovery to Verdict".


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Coalition of Court Reporters of Los Angeles (CCROLA) is a full-service court reporting agency that emerged from the ashes of major layoffs at the Los Angeles Superior Court in 2012. In order to keep themselves and their colleagues gainfully employed and create a necessary solution for the impacted legal system, its six partners worked together to establish a staffing agency that quickly became the number-one provider of official California court reporters, working directly for attorneys on trials, motions, depositions, and arbitrations. Prior to the layoffs, attorneys turned to agencies primarily for depositions while the courts provided court-employed official LA court reporters. Coalition of Court Reporters of Los Angeles introduced the agency model to court reporting and now takes California lawyers from discovery to verdict with experienced, court-approved reporters in every specialty.

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